When Master Hurts
Presented by Sage
Friday Aug 19, 2011 – doors open at 7:30pm

The Dominant – strong, determined, tough, in control – but not invincible. What happens when the Dominant in a D/s-M/s relationship is afflicted with pain, be it physical or emotional? It’s not a subject we like to think about, but is more common than we’d like to admit and we often must find ways to handle it. What responsibilities does the Dominant have to her/himself and to her/his submissive or slave? How can s/he help that bottom feel safe and guide that boy or girl on how to use his/her talents to help the Dominant through the pain? This class will various types of physical and emotional pain that a Dominant may have to manage and will also discuss ways a person in service can help, ease, and support her or his Master, Daddy, Mistress, Mommy, or Top. At some point, every Dominant has to deal with one kind of pain or another. Join Sage, along with her boy Laine, as they share ideas and personal anecdotes to explore ways to use the D/s – M/s dynamic to overcome the difficulties and bring healing and satisfaction to both people in the relationship.

Presenter Bio(s)

Sage is a Northern California switch who has been playing for over fifteen years. She lives in Sacramento where she works as a teacher. She holds BA in History and a Teaching Credential. While known in the community as a Daddy and Dominant, Sage has also claimed her boy side, proudly, publicly, and unabashedly, long before it was considered proper to do so, giving her a unique perspective from both sides of the coin. She was collared last December for the first time in nearly a decade. Sage lives with the affects of arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, mild depression, and ADHD and has had to deal with many of the issues presented in this class. She has taught various workshops for the 2007 International Ms Leather Contest, 2006, 2009, and 2010 Leather/Levi Weekends, the Exiles, the Leathermen’s Discussion Group, and the Society of Janus in San Francisco, Sindulgences of Sacramento, Alameda County Leather Corps, and smOdyssey in San Jose. She has also done classes for the Sacramento Valley LeatherCorps, of which she was the first female member and served in several positions, including President. She also served as Event Chair and Education Coordinator for the Sacramento Valley Heat Weekend in August, 2009. Sage is a proud member of Exiles, San Francisco and MAsT, Sacramento Valley. Sage is the collared submissive, servant, and boy of her Lady, Mommy and Lover, Lady Misha. She is Master, Daddy, and primary Partner to her beloved boy, Laine, Daddy and Lover of her kiwi boy, Joe, and Daddy to Boy Jenn, Gretchen, Jeremy, and April. Along with her brother, Sir E-Ticket (Ms ACLC 1997), Sage is Co-Patriarch of the Leather Clan of the Phoenix. Sage is also a member of Mama’s Family – Mama’s Tie Dye Daddy Boy. When not indulging her more prurient interests, Sage is the Artistic Director of and a singer in Small Difference Women’s Choral Ensemble and has over thirteen years in recovery through NA. She is the author of four novels and a book of short stories, most with a BDSM theme, which are available for purchase at this class.

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