1. I am a woman, intersex, nonbinary, trans, or anything other cisgender man, and I have a government issued photo ID proving my legal age is at least 18 years old.
  2. I wish to join The Exiles of my own free will, solely because I have a real, positive and personal interest in BDSM play between women.
  3. I understand that demonstrations may occur at Exiles events that may include or depict nudity, acts of sadomasochism and/or sex; that all such acts or depictions will involve only consenting adults, and that I am free to leave at any time should I feel uncomfortable or offended by such activities or depictions.
  4. I am not acting in the capacity of, or as a member of, any law enforcement, postal or media agency. I will not attend Exiles events or programs for purposes of harassment, entrapment or to provide information that would cause or support the bringing of civil or criminal charges against The Exiles or any individual attending this meeting.
  5. I understand that confidentiality of other members and attendees, their words and actions, is a requirement of my being accepted, and I will not share in any way accounts of Exiles programs or events with anyone who is not also in attendance.
  6. I expressly release and discharge the members and officers of The Exiles, presenters and attendees at any program meeting, the owners and/or landlord of the meeting place, and their employees, agents and volunteers from any and all claims and causes of action that I have now or may have in the future, whether I know about them now or not. This release is to include, but is not limited to, any personal physical or emotional injury, accident, illness or loss or damage to my property that I may suffer, however it is caused.
  7. I will not hold any entity listed in #6 above responsible for any contacts I make as a result of my participation, nor for any consequences resulting from information provided here, by me or anyone else.
  8. It is my intention that this WAIVER AND RELEASE be binding on all of my heirs, agents, legal representatives, assignees, and any other persons purporting to represent my interests. It is my intention that its coverage extends to the heirs, legal representatives and assignees of all entities listed in #6 above.
  9. I voluntarily sign and execute this document, with full understanding of its meaning and legal consequences.

This is a legal document and I am signing with my legal signature.