The Art and History of Fetish Worship
Presented by Liliane Hunt
Friday Feb 15, 2013 – doors open at 7:30pm

Liliane Hunt will present on The Art and History of Fetish Worship. Offering a peek behind the curtain, into the psychology, history and meaning of fetishism. In this delightfully informative class Ms. Liliane uses art, media, music and literature to prove human nature has always delighted in fetishism. What were those naughty Victorians interested in?

Presenter Bio(s)

Liliane Hunt admits to becoming aware of her fetishistic tendencies from the age of fourteen. Trained in classical theatre, she toured professionally throughout England. Off tour, she dressed in Victorian clothes and taught Victorian history.

IMG_4839By 2007 she had found her true calling and was an established San Francisco Mistress, discovering and embracing animal role-play and the exploration of fetishism as two of her greatest passions. She has taught classes for JT Stockroom, SF Citadel, Rocky Mountain Olympus Leather,, Folsom Fringe and Dark Odyssey; has been a guest speaker for San Francisco Center for Sex and Information; and for Kirsten Beuthin’s course for psychotherapists on “Working With Kinky Clients”.

She has filmed with the Discovery Channel and National Geographic; and was voted as Monika’s all-time favorite radio guest on Sexploration with Monika. Additionally, she has choreographed, directed and performed with her human animal troupe for Nancy Peaches art show, San Francisco’s Masqerotica Ball and Dark Odyssey.

She is also responsible for organizing the parade of pony carts for the Leather Contingent at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade each year, where she was awarded “Absolute Fabulous Street Act”. In her free time, she puts on a yearly event called Training Camp that combines camping, military fetish and animal role play.

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