You can be an integral part of our kinky community! Yes YOU!

Appointed Officer positions for the Exiles are coming up in April, and this is your big chance to join us and guide our future!

Our programs and events bring people together. Becoming an officer puts you right in the middle of the kinky women’s/nonbinary community. You’ll keep us connected both within our local community, across the country, even internationally!

Well, the March elections are completed but there is still time to let us know if you are interested in any of the appointed officer positions. 

At our April business meeting we appoint the remaining officer positions, from the pool of people interested. These positions are: 

  1. Newsletter Editor
  2. Orientation Officer
  3. Publicity Officer
  4. Doorkeeper/Tech Monitor
  5. Volunteer Coordinator
  6. Website Manager

Looking to get involved with our executive board decisions, but not quite able to commit to a leadership position? Just show up to a business meeting to see what we do and lend your voice. Also consider becoming an assistant to an officer or being part of a committee! 

Did a position pique your interest?  Please come to our next business meeting, on Sunday April 4th at 5pm on Zoom or email

Looking forward to seeing you!