Rough Sex 2: Immediate Gratification
Presented by Felice Shays
Friday January 20, 2012 – doors open at 7:30pm

Face slapping, spanking, bondage, pounding penetration, role playing, talking smut? Sound like you? If you are already doing some of these things, here’s your chance to dive deeper into the sea of Rough Sex. In this hot, fun, new class sex and BDSM educator and coach Felice Shays works with individuals and couples addressing your specific questions answered through live demonstrations. A fast paced, interactive (optional) evening, this class assumes you are already delving into some (or a lot) of rough play during sex and are ready for the next level – whatever that is for you.

Presenter – Felice Shays

Where respect, straight talk, and sex collide is where you’ll find Felice Shays. Providing personal sexual and BDSM education and counseling for the past decade in the US and Canada, Felice has been featured in print and on T.V. encouraging people to do breathtaking sexual feats. Living in Portland OR, this Brooklyn-In-Her-Heart Femme has presented at a plethora of events including Good For Her, Black Rose, Pacific Friction, Dark Odyssey, Babeland, LSM, TES, Kinky Kollege, Wicked Womyn, Shebop, KinkFest, Sugar, Tribal Fire, MOB, Come As You Are, The Exiles, Desire, Thunder In The Mountains, Kinky Kollege, and Bringing Age Out Of The Closet. She is currently working on her new book about rough sex, Brutal Affection.

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