Role play – archetypes and aspects
Presented by Jet Moon and Miss Dotty
Friday April 22, 2011 – doors open at 7:30pm

It’s fun to dress up or to mentally create the surrounding fantasy. This can be a way of living out a role we crave, allowing an inner aspect of ourselves to be free or escaping the stresses of day-to-day life.  This workshop focuses on common archetypes we may choose to embody, and the experience of contacting aspects of ourselves that need to be expressed. Creating a scene, getting into role, role play as a game, role play in a 24/7, negotiating the differences (in brief), edge play, dealing with what comes up, putting a role play to bed.

Age play, puppy play, servant, slave, mistress, whore, bitch goddess, kidnaps, weekends with uncle, the neighborhood gang bang or the local cake baking circle on crack.

Do you like to play school? Are you a puppy or a dog owner, daddy or girl, servant or mistress. Are you a nightstalker likely to break in and commit a crime or a frightened housewife twitching the curtains and just wishing something terrible WOULD happen?  Maybe you are a stroppy school girl who is going to teach that damn headmaster a lesson once and for all, or the angry wimp who is tired of all the bullies and the tables are about to turn.  Let your imagination run wild, cos we are about to go for one hell of a ride.

Jet Moon and Miss Dotty are both stage performers, experienced in 24/7 relationships and more occasion based role play. Their approach to BDSM has developed out of a desire to integrate all aspects of their lives into real life role play event.

Presenter Bios

Jet Moon is a writer, performer, political activist, pervert.   “I’m your bastard daughter white trash whore sister bitch goddess chipped brick uber slut, fuck you in the ass nightmare kind of grrl. Raised by mama to do all the right things and just look at how I turned out. Rock n roll, kick ass, gender-queer macho femme.”  Jet is a founder member of the Queer Beograd Collective in Serbia, and performs throughout Europe.

Miss Dotty is a performer, academic and writer who regularly lectures and performs throughout Europe, often on the subjects of gender and sexuality. Recently she can be seen in a film based on a show she produced alongside 5 other genderqueer performers ‘The Lovers and Fighters Convention’.

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