Resistance Play and Rape
Presented by Madame Estrella
Friday June 17, 2011 – doors open at 7:30pm

In the words of our presenter: Who isn’t aroused by the sight of a willing submissive, kneeling… ready and waiting to serve and be used? I certainly am. And for those called to bottom or serve, the anticipation and preparation can be delicious. But sometimes I like them to put up a fight. Sometimes I want to take what I want instead of it being given to me. If you like the idea of overpowering someone, or being overpowered… if you’ve fantasized about forcing your will on someone, or being made to feel completely helpless, you’ll enjoy tonight’s topic. We’ll talk about struggle – why we like it, what it looks like, how to negotiate it, where and when it can be fun to explore and how to do it safely.

I’ll explain and demonstrate various types of resistance, also sometimes referred to as “consensual non-consent,” and we’ll explore what makes resistance play hot. I’ll talk about how to structure a scene around resistance, rape or other non-consensual activities. We’ll also spend some time discussing resistance, in yourself or your partners, that hasn’t been negotiated, and what I’ve found helpful for channeling or disarming what doesn’t serve you.

Resistance play, and especially rape play, is often considered taboo, and can trigger those with a history of physical abuse, rape, or incest. These activities can also be cathartic. Please use good judgment and attend this program only if you are comfortable discussing, and being witness to, strongly confrontational and highly charged physical and sexual dynamics.

Presenter Bio(s)

Madame Estrella is a genderqueer Femme Top and a skilled professional Dominant who has lived and breathed BDSM for the last twenty years. It’s amused her to discover just how useful a degree in Communications and training as a conflict mediator have been in her ongoing exploration and communication about kink. Although she can wield a whip expertly and enjoys inflicting all kinds of delicious torture, her absolute favorite toy is her mind, and she most enjoys play that is mentally challenging.

Estrella has presented for QSM, Fantasy Makers Academy, The Center for Sex and Culture, The Exiles, and Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, as well as for conferences including DomDominion, Folsom Fringe, and Living in Leather. Her partner in crime and intellect, Mister Goldberg, a Butch Top, though usually found teaching in synagogues, is bringing her considerable talents to bear assisting Madame Estrella.

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