Novice Night
Presented by the Exiles
Friday July 20,2012 – doors open at 7:30pm

Curious about BDSM? Want to know more?

Come join the Exiles for a fun-filled and informative evening, as our guest panelists talk about their lives, and answer your questions about leather, BDSM, kinky sex, women and genderqueer identities. Any and all questions are welcome!

Our panelists this year include: Angel, a queer and slave identified girl who’s active in the leather community, Madame Butterfly, a bisexual femme bondage expert who makes her own rope; Ray, a genderqueer polyamorous Dominant who heads her own leather family, Sailor Alecs, a transgendered owned and collared switch; Tracy, a bisexual femme activist and the first Women’s International Leather Legacy Titleholder; Trinity, a submissive queer and American Leatherwoman 2011; Val, a butch-identified polyamorous lesbian masochist; and Zed, a bottom-heavy sadomasochist switch and a non-femme leathergirl.

They’ll each speak about their experiences coming into the scene, and their perspectives on leather, then we’ll open up the floor to your questions. This is the perfect opportunity for newcomers to find out what BDSM is all about, and get your questions answered in a warm and supportive atmosphere.

After a break we’ll set up stations where our panelists and others will have mini-demonstrations of their skills and interests. You can try out things like flogging, paddling, caning, bondage, play piercing, toy-free play and more, to see what you may like.

All women – and those whose self-identity is other than male – are welcome to join us for this enlightening event.

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