Mini Un-Conference

We’ll be holding a Mini Un-Conference along with our elections.

What is an Un-Conference?

An Un-Conference is a participant-driven information exchange.  So, what’s the topic?  We don’t know—that is part of the magic.  We’re providing a forum for free exchange of information.

Anyone attending can bring a topic, idea or demonstration.  Do you wish you knew more about chastity?  Great!  Bring some information, ideas, and questions, then schedule a round-table.  Do you love piercing and want to do a demo?  Also great—bring needles, a bottom, and do a demo.  Any topic is welcome.

How does it work?

Before elections, a scheduling grid will be displayed, and anyone wishing to conduct a session on a topic can post information about their session.  Basic demo stations and equipment will be provided—chairs and a table.

At the selected time, the presenter starts their session.  There are no specific time requirements.  If the topic is short, and only takes 15 minutes, no problem!  If it’s a longer topic that takes an hour, that’s ok too.

Attendees are welcome to go to any session they like, and come and go as they choose.  This means that if there are two really interesting topic at the same time, it’s absolutely ok to attend half of one session and half of another.

This will be a great chance to share information on a variety of topics.  First time presenters are encouraged to use this forum, but so are seasoned presenters—we feel that everyone has something to contribute.

Please join us in this first-time event!

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