Let’s Stick Together – A Hands On Piercing Workshop
Presented by Karen
Friday Apr 20, 2012 – doors open at 7:30pm

Pointed and shiny, needles hold a special fascination for many of us, whether it’s from vaguely unpleasant doctor’s office memories, or our innate discomfort with the possibility of injury inherent in sharp objects – blood is both thrilling and frightening. In wicked and competent hands, a needle becomes, like so many other discomfiting objects, a tool for pleasure, pain, and erotic sensation. And in contrast to impact toys, needles can be safely used most anywhere on the body, and create no noise!

Play piercing can form the basis for a deeply intimate and meditative scene. It can be incorporated into a variety of role play scenarios. It can be layered with other types of sensation in a scene with multiple dimensions. And piercing can be practically pain-free and bloodless, or designed to be excruciating and to stimulate blood flow. If nothing else, going into someone’s body in that way, both requires and stimulates deep trust, understanding, and bonding between partners.

This class will give novices a solid foundation in basic piercing safety, and also, using innovative demos, hopes to prompt experienced piercing enthusiasts to think about needles in new and exciting ways. We’ll also talk about blood safety, negotiation, and aftercare. Finally, several assistants will provide attendees the chance to experience the sensation of being pierced themselves, the opportunity to pierce one of the helpers, or the option to be coached through piercing or being pierced by another attendee (if you brought someone with you or can find a piercing trick before class or during the break!).

Presenter Bio(s)

Karen (the artist formerly known as Estrella) is a genderqueer Femme Domme, and SM Top, who has lived and breathed BDSM for the last twenty years. It’s amused her to discover just how useful a degree in Communications and training as a conflict mediator have been in her ongoing exploration and communication about kink. Although she can wield a whip expertly and enjoys inflicting all kinds of delicious torture, her absolute favorite toy is her mind, and she most enjoys play that is mentally challenging.

Estrella has presented for QSM, Fantasy Makers Academy, The Center for Sex and Culture, The Exiles, and Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, as well as for conferences including DomDominion, Folsom Fringe, and Living in Leather.

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