Hotter Than Hell: Fire, Ice, Wax and Spice
Presented by Ms. Domina
Friday Feb 17,2012 – doors open at 7:30pm

I Want Some Hot Stuff, Baby… We’ve all seen someone rub ‘Icy Hot’ or some other muscle rub on the bottom, but how safe is this? What kind of things can you do to heat up your play? Do you know what figging is? Have you considered nettles? Are there any interesting things to do with spices? How about hot oils? What if we need to stop it right away? We will demonstrate a few things that make your bottom think their skin is coming off. We’ll also show you ways to douse that pain. We’ll give you some tips on what not to use. And to top it off, we’ll show you a couple of tricks with fire, including cupping.

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