Fire. Primal. Fear. Longing. Fire play
Presented by Loren Quon
Friday September 16, 2011 – doors open at 7:30pm

Have you seen fire play? Felt the lick of flame against flesh? Heard the quiet whoosh of ignition followed by a quick intake of breath? Watched the tracing of flame move up someone’s back? Sensed the power of fire?

Sounds great, huh. But there’s more. Fire play offers diverse sensations and psychological aspects. There is heat, visible flame, sounds, and smells. We are drawn to fire, as warmth, tool and weapon, but also justifiably terrified of it. Fire is exciting and alluring, but requires attention to safety.
This class is an overview of fire play, covering a range of fire play techniques. Topics include: preparation, fuels, equipment, playspace, torches, wand ignition, blasts (ball & jet), hand transfer, safety and tips for bottoms. If time allows, there will be hands-on experience tops and bottoms).

Attendees are encouraged to wear natural or fire resistant materials (leather, all-cotton, flannel, silk, wool, linen, kevlar, duvetyne), rather than fuel (nylon, rubber, poly-anything, latex, fur, PVC, elastic, rayon).

Presenter Bio(s)

Loren walked into a Levi/Leather bar mumble-mumble years ago and walked out inexorably changed. She’s been playing, privately and publicly, for most of those years. Despite what you may think, Loren did not light matches as a child, but her love of fire play was instant, starting several years ago with the magic of isopropyl alcohol and a match. Over the years, she’s experimented, learned and honed her ability to work with fire. She was lucky enough to have one-on-one mentorship with Jeff Tucker and is more than happy to share her knowledge.

Loren is active in the Southbay and plays some in SF as well. She’s demonstrated fire (and other esoteric skills) for SCCLA’s Leather Weekend, Edges, Leather Nights @ Renegades and Exiles Carnal Carnival. She’s been teaching fire since 2005.

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