Female Genitorture: How to Make a Woman Scream
Presented by Olga
Friday January 18 2013 – doors open at 7:30pm

Cunt play, also known as genitorture, can involve a wide variety of sensations, ranging from sheer pleasure to the most exquisite pain. The female genitals can be a playground of endless possibilities for the kinky player regardless of skill level or experience. It’s play everyone can participate in – from novices to advanced players. Come hear Olga discuss and demonstrate some of the wide variety of options that this form of play presents. This exciting presentation can help you to discover new ways to stimulate and torture female genitals.

Presenter Bio(s)

Olga is an educator, community leader, and kinky woman who loves to play and have fun. She is the Coordinator of LARAWW (Los Angeles Radical and Wicked Women) and Co-Producer of DESIRE (www.desireleatherwomen.com). She loves to present both locally and across the country whenever she can and haspresented at: Leatherfest X, Black Rose, Kinkfest, Pacific Friction, Wicked Womyn, Sampler, DESIRE, Perversity in P-town, Odyssey, Lifestyles, and Leather Leadership Conferences. She was co-chair of Leather Leadership Conference Six. Olga is served and loved by her boi blu. In her professional life, Olga is a sexologist and therapist, and has taught human sexuality classes at a community college for 33 years. Olga is dedicated to helping people increase their sexual comfort and expand their sexual horizons.

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