Friday June 20, 2014    
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm


1060 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA, 94103

Event Type

Presented by j and Val Langmuir
Doors open at 7:30pm – Program begins at 8pm

Val Langmuir and j explore the depths, depravities and delectabilities of British discipline and punishment throughout the ages, and bring it up to date in the context of consensual kink.

** A play party will follow, until midnight!  Stay and play for a suggested donation of $10. **

Refined over centuries, there is really no culture in the world quite like the British when it comes to discipline and punishment, for strictness, ritual, rules, uniform, and of course severe pain! With practical demonstrations, Val and j (perhaps with a little help from their friends) will show how discipline and punishment has been used in nearly every aspect of British society to elicit awe, fear, shame, humiliation, and even honor and pride, often accompanied by searing pain and a striped backside. Drawing on extensive personal experience of being on the receiving end, they will show you how to reproduce these practices and rituals to harness the deliciously stiff, uncompromising and strict qualities of British discipline and punishment for your own ends and needs. Whether for a raucous school caning role-play, the training of a traditional maid servant, or the quite genuine punishment of an errant submissive… All this and more is given the royal British treatment in this fun, informative and practice-based workshop.

Presenter Bio(s)

j is a queer, femme-identified submissive with over a decade of experience as a performer, activist, author and workshop leader. She has worked with lobbying and safer sex education organizations including ILGA World and RFSU, and BDSM, Fetish and Kink organizations including IMSL, Exiles, SM Dykes Manchester, and Wish International. Originally from the UK, where she was trained as a submissive and a maid, j is now based in Stockholm, where she is a faculty member of and regular presenter for The Academy, a non-profit educational organization that delivers workshops on BDSM. She is one half of MWxj, a collaboration with Rebecca Wilcox, producing BDSM  workshops, performances and happenings. She is also the co-organizer of the Wish PowerExchange Summer Camp, the Wish International Conference, and the performance and community space Wotever Stockholm.

Val Langmuir is the current Ms San Francisco Leather.  Brought up in the UK, Val was active in the London SM Dykes and Countdown on Spanner. After moving to San Francisco in the late 90s, Val joined The Exiles.  First a regular member, Val has been a club officer since 2004.  Val has either presented or co-presented classes in caning, role-play, vaginal fisting, play piercing, and the Exiles Orientation (BDSM 101) class.  Over the years, Val has also enthusiastically demo-bottomed for any number of classes by others. Val has coordinated demos at Leather Alley at SF Pride, presented BDSM 101 at BUTCH Voices, and represented the BDSM community at San Francisco’s Frameline and QWOCMAP film festivals. Legally married in California to Marilyn, Val is a polyamorous genderqueer switch who loves boots and canes.

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