Friday April 17, 2015    
7:30 pm - 10:15 pm


Center for Sex and Culture
1349 Mission St, San Francisco, California, 94544

Event Type

Presented by Estrella & j
Doors open at 7:30pm – Programs begins at 8pm

With demonstrations and discussion, we explore the sharper side of what is sometimes misunderstood as the lighter side of BDSM. We look at practicalities, possible pitfalls, but ultimate potential of the edges of roleplay including resistance, humiliation, taboo, 24/7 roles, cruelty and more. With an emphasis on RACK principles we will give practical examples on how to set the scene, form dynamics, play with the edge and finally come out of the role (or not) and provide aftercare. We discuss safer practices for playing around the boundaries of what roleplay can do, demonstrate how to be creative with dynamics and scenes, how to communicate and give safewords/expressions in challenging circumstances, how to explore difficult emotions, how to edge roleplay in groups and more.

Presenter Bio(s)

Estrella is a fierce empathic genderqueer femme Top who has lived and breathed BDSM for 25 years. She has presented widely for local and national organizations. She is happily poly, and enjoys strong, vibrant relationships with a number of wonderful people, including a brilliant artist as primary partner. In kink, Estrella is happiest with a willing masochistic bottom firmly in hand. She enjoys wielding a wide variety of implements, but her favorite is her mind.

j is a queer, femme-identified submissive with over a decade of experience as a performer, activist, author and workshop leader, presenting for the likes of IMSL, Exiles, SM Dykes Manchester, Wish International and more. Based in Sweden, she is a faculty member of The Academy regularly delivering BDSM workshops. She is half of MWxj, an education collaboration with Rebecca Wilcox and co-organizer of the Wish PowerExchange Summer Camp and performance/community space Wotever Stockholm.