Quickie! Pet Play with Ms. Cat!


Wednesday September 16, 2020    
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


n/a, virtual

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Perhaps you’ve had the urge to frolic with the puppies at the street fairs. Maybe you’re inner kitty is dying to let out a long purr while being petted in your play partners lap. Your interests are piqued and now you may be wondering how to figure out your play animal. And how do you begin your pet play journey? Or perhaps you’re ready to handle a pet of your own but unsure how to get started. You may be wondering, what pet are you compatible with, or how to approach animals in pet space. Join MsCat as she demonstrates how to interact with pets while we discuss navigating headspace and understanding commands and affection types. She will also review the tricks of the trade when selecting gear, toys and accessories for pet play.


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About our Presenter

MsCat is a fierce Femme Domme and a Leather Mommy that loves to teach and produce events in the SF community for almost 20 years now. She is the Co-Coordinator of The Exiles, the Founder of the Piercing Guild; a Play Piercing Educational Intensive, a Director on the SF Bay Area Leather Alliance Board for 8 years and former producer of the Ms. SF Leather Contest. MsCat was 2019’s Leather Marshal in the SF Pride Parade and in 2017 she was awarded “Woman of the Year” by her SF community.

MsCat specializes in teaching on Pet Play Dynamics and Play Piercing and enjoys human animal training, primal play and fire play. MsCat focuses on building symbiotic M/s and D/s practices with mentorship qualities and traditional values through community relations, volunteering and teaching. Her biggest turn-on is a desire for growth. MsCat is a mistress of many talents and a woman with a great passionate drive. MsCat has presented on various Pet Play subjects for IMsL 2019, FLAME 2020, NW-PAH’s Paw & Pounce 2020 and featured on SEA-PAH’s BIPOC Panel for Pets & Handlers 2020.