Saturday October 17, 2015    
7:30 pm - 10:15 pm


Center for Sex and Culture
1349 Mission St, San Francisco, California, 94544

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Those of us who enjoy BDSM most, when we’re in touch with the implied power of life and death embodied within it, can find breath play the pinnacle of that sensation. Restricting the air flow or the circulation of blood in the body of a willing (or struggling!) bottom can be an intoxicating feeling. And because breath and blood are so basic to our bodies’ survival requirements, taking them away can also emphasize the power dynamics of Dominance and submission. Some people believe breath play is so dangerous they won’t do it under any circumstances, while others find it hot because it’s so edgy.

Whatever preconceived ideas you have about breath play, come prepared to have them expanded and challenged. We’ll cover the most current safety information regarding the risks of breath play, as well as ideas about how to minimize the danger and maximize the fun. You might also learn innovative ways to incorporate different levels of breath play into a variety of scenes.

About Our Presenter

Madame Estrella is a genderqueer Femme Domme, and SM Top, who has lived and breathed BDSM for the last twenty-five years. It’s amused her to discover just how useful a degree in Communications and training as a conflict mediator have been in her ongoing exploration and communication about BDSM. Estrella is a respected educator and well known performance artist, and was a pro Domme for twelve years. Estrella has a strong commitment to building ongoing leather community, and finds great joy in sharing her knowledge and skills. She has presented or performed for QSM, Fantasy Makers Academy, The Center for Sex and Culture, The Exiles, Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, and Twelve Inches of Sin, as well as for conferences including DomDominion, Folsom Fringe, IMsL, and Living in Leather.