Friday February 21, 2020    
7:30 pm - 10:30 pm


SF Catalyst
1060 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA, 94103

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It’s cold outside! Come on and in and get cozy and hot! In this class, we will discuss the very powerful element of fire, as well as its companion and sometimes partner-in-crime, air.  We will summon the flames and learn to harness fire’s warmth and beauty for erotic pleasure. I will demonstrate how to coax it into play while also demonstrating how to contain it. Regarding safety, I will talk about the ideal set-up for fire play, as well as hacks and how to assess the relative safety of different scenarios, how to set up for safety and also how to avoid and deal with worse case scenarios. I will give an introduction to wand and fire-toy making, including best materials to work with. In the second half of the program we will turn up the heat as I eat some fire to warm up, then turn my attention to wand play, fire transfer, and demo some of other fire toys. Please bring all of your questions and ideas! New information always welcome! 

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About our presenter

I was born in San Francisco a few years before the Summer of Love and was greatly influenced by the celebration of eros. I got brought out into leather when I was very young by my best friend, a gay man. I started as a bottom and was in service 24/7 to a very talented and captivating Domme the first two years of my leather life. I became a Pro Domme at the age of 20 and eventually found my way to Cynthia Slater’s private dungeon, where I learned to hone my craft. Around the same time, in the early 80’s, I bartended at a place called Scott’s, where I created the first bar event for women in leather. I was a member of Samois. Places where I have taught include The Citadel, ACLC, LLW and The Exiles. My past classes include blood play, anal fisting, corporal punishment, D/s, negotiation, fear play and fire play, one of my favorites.I was Co-Coordinator for The Exiles for a couple of years and also was Orientation Officer, where I wrote an education (BDSM 101) skit that takes place in a dungeon  and real life situations come up. I identify as a queer, G/F leather femme.