Friday October 16, 2020    
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


n/a, virtual

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You Don’t Want to Miss This!
Want to get hot, slick, and smooth? You’ve heard folks talk about shaving fetishes and you’ve wondered about straight razors and what all the fuss is. Join Raven as they share the passion for the alchemy of heat, steel, water, stone and flesh that turns a simple daily routine into a ritualized spiritual journey not to be missed.

This is a virtual event. This event requires a password, the password will be emailed the day before the  event. Please click the Zoom link below to join the event.  This event is free to attend, although your donations are strongly encouraged, and greatly appreciated.


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Look forward to seeing you there!

About Our Presenter:

Raven Darknights believes that what we do in scene space creates sacred space and has spent several decades in the scene exploring techniques for spirit connection, shifting energies, creating intention, and developing focus. An aficionado of straight razor shaving, they are known for sharing their knowledge and passion in dynamic workshops that have been described as “life changing” by participants.