Friday November 20, 2020    
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


n/a, virtual

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After negotiating and planning for your scene something has still gone wrong. We talk a lot as a community about how to negotiate but what about when that doesn’t work? What can we do then? As individuals, as partners, as community members, and leaders, what options exist to address repair and recovery for people on both sides of consent violations?
Join Dossie Easton and Ms. WillowKat, from “The Ethical Slut Presents: Navigating Consent,” for an evening of sharing and discussion. We will be talking about strategies and stories, boundaries and choices, opening possibilities for people on either side of a boundary crossing to manage our healing and examine our responsibilities as a community.
Our Presenters:
Dossie Easton, a long time player on the San Francisco sex-positive scene, is co-author with Janet Hardy of The Ethical Slut, The New Bottoming Book and The New Topping Book, When Someone You Love Is Kinky, a book designed to inform outsiders about BDSM lifestyles, and Radical Ecstasy: SM Journeys to Transcendence. Starting out as an educator with San Francisco Sex Information in 1973, she is now a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in San Francisco working with individuals, couples and more, and it is her great privilege to work as supervisor for interns preparing to serve the often underserved communities of sexual outsiders. Currently she has brought together a team of sex educators to develop a series of classes on consent to be presented through the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco. Her article Shadowplay, originally published in the anthology Safe, Sane, and Consensual, has been revised and updated for publication in the Journal of Humanistic Psychology this coming year.
Ms. WillowKat (pronouns zie/zir) is an Ethical Sluts Classes co-creator and co-lead lead instructor with Dossie Easton. Zie is a trained Alive Program facilitator and has facilitated the topsalive workgroup from its inception.  As Pacific Coast and International Power Exchange 2015 title holder, as part of a triad, Ms. WillowKat has presented at numerous conferences and educational programs such as Lupercalia, Leather Quest, IMsLBB, and Dark Odyssey on subjects including healthy communication, consent, power exchange, polyamory, and the sensual and healing power of the whip. Zie brings zir creative passion for healing to zir endeavors as an experienced Pro Dom, shamanic priestess, Master, Radical Rehab kinky caregiver, and death doula. Nicknamed “the Hurricane,” zie is known for zir dynamic style of teaching, performing, and holding ritual space. Zie is skilled at nurturing and comforting those in need, and believes deeply in fostering a sex-positive, nonviolent consent culture based on relationships of true equality. Zie heads a growing leather family and holds membership in several others. Zir passions include painting, teaching, writing, ritual, D/s, sex magic, and BDSM edge play. Her singletail skill is grace personified.
The Zoom password will be posted on our website the day prior to the event. The room will open at 7:45pm. The event officially begins at 8pm.
The event is free, however donations are greatly appreciated. To make a donation via PayPal, please use the email treasurer@theexiles.org.