Friday August 17, 2018    
7:30 pm - 10:30 pm


1060 Folsom, San Francisco, California, 94103

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When you picture hot boots in a bootblack stand, what do you see? A slick pair of Corcoran’s with a mirror shine so crisp you could touch-up your liner? A sturdy pair of oil-tanned Wescos thirsting to be bathed in conditioner? Don’t get me wrong, I love a classic Leather look too but, that’s not all that’s in my closet! As a femme, there’s a ton of stuff in my wardrobe that doesn’t want Lincoln Wax Polish or Huberd’s Shoe Grease anywhere near it.

So how do you maintain your Fluevogs, patent leather Pleasers, suede booties, pastel mary-janes and more with the same level of care you show to the high-shines and oil-tans you encounter? And it’s not just about femme-wear either. We’re talking Jordans, wingtips, suede sneakers, even the dreaded Birkenstock. And yes, we will be talking synthetic leather too! Let’s look beyond the boot and dive into leather care that reflects the diverse contents of all of our closets!

About Our Presenter

Victoria is your current (and first ever) San Francisco Bootblack and frankly, is pretty stoked about it. She is an unapologetically black, fiercely opinionated, scrappy tomboy who enjoys femme drag, brown leather, and talking shit on the patio of her home bar, the SF Eagle. She is an active member of the San Francisco girls of Leather, and one of the organizers of the SF Bay Area Boot Lab. Victoria’s love of leather care began long ago with shoeshine contests before church on Sundays, and boots & tack maintenance during the requisite horse-girl phase that went along with her bougie suburban upbringing. Indulge this greedy girl by letting her