Friday April 27, 2018    
7:30 pm - 10:30 pm


Center for Sex and Culture
1349 Mission St, San Francisco, California, 94544

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Presented by Daddy Sal!

Program moved to the 4th Friday to avoid a conflict with IMsL.

I WANT YOU TO SERVE ME! (A Dom’s Perspective on Service)

What is better than that boy serving you steaming hot coffee in the morning, naked, on his knees?  Wouldn’t it be better to have the boy’s trust and obedience AND serve you naked, on his knees!

Service is a precious gift that submissives and service persons give to us as Doms. And it is up to us…whether we are a Daddy, Sir, Mistress, Ma’am, Master or Dom…to do our part to nurture and to strengthen that gift of service.

As we explore the Dom’s role in a service relationship we will seek to answer:

How can we build trust, obedience and even devotion?

What is our part in keeping the dynamic?

Can we ‘prepare’ to be served?

And, of course, where do we find someone to serve us?

This program isn’t just for Doms.  girls, boys, pups, bottoms and subs, those that serve us and want to serve us, are invited to hear some of our challenges as well as some of our desires, needs and wants.


Daddy Sal has been a part of the Leather Community and an activist for over 20 years. She is a founder and past coordinator of The Exiles, past producer of the SF Dyke Daddy/Diva Contest and co-producer of Service Weekend and A Weekend for Doms, put on by Leather Traditions. Most recently she has been keeping busy as owner/producer of Ms. San Francisco Leather. She identifies as a Sir and a Daddy and has had boys and girls in her service for over 10 years. Her participation in the community comes from a passion for the Leather lifestyle and especially for mentoring those in service.