Friday January 19, 2018    
7:30 pm - 10:30 pm


Center for Sex and Culture
1349 Mission St, San Francisco, California, 94544

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BDSM is a fertile field for growth, transformation, passion and fun. This “field” also often contains landmines. A “Consent Collision” is an unintended event in a scene – or within a dynamic – that crosses a line of consent for one or both parties. A “Consent Violation” is an act of intentionally – or with reckless disregard – crossing a line of consent. In this class, we will discuss ways to mitigate against the risks of consent collisions and consent violations. We will also have in-depth discussion of strategies for healing and recovery in the aftermath of consent issues. 



An active member of several leather families, Aren is Pacific Coast and International Power Exchange 2015 as part of a triad. Aren is a graduate of Leather Quest San Francisco’s class of 2011, and was the Junior Headmaster for Journey SF 2016. Aren brings a unique combination of queer leather sensibilities and trickster energy to their work and play as journeyman priestess, writer, leather educator, and slave. Residing in the SF Bay Area with several human and animal members of their intimate network, Aren balances introvert tendencies with an intricate polyamorous life.

Ms WillowKat

Ms. WillowKat is Pacific Coast and International Power Exchange 2015 as part of a triad. She brings her creative passion for healing to her endeavors as shamanic priestess, Master, kinky caregiver and midwife to the dying. She has taught in the US and Canada with several members of her family, on topics including communication, healthy power exchange, and poly. Her passions include painting, teaching, ritual, D/s, sex magic, BDSM edge play and tree-hugging. She heads a complex and growing leather family, and holds membership in several other leather families. Nicknamed “the hurricane”, she is known for her dynamic teaching style and her passionate commitment to life.