Friday August 19, 2016    
7:30 pm - 10:30 pm


Center for Sex and Culture
1349 Mission St, San Francisco, California, 94544

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Presented by Mistress Tatiana Belodyne

While the biggest sex organ is the brain, some of the most sensitive flesh on the human body lies between the legs. These parts can be tough enough to birth a baby yet responsive enough to create some of the most exquisite sensations imaginable.  Creatively utilized pain can be one way of unlocking the cathartic powers of the cunt. (With all of these physical and emotional possibilities, how could any sadist resist?)

Mistress Tatiana Belodyne will explore some of what she finds the hottest hows and whys of genitorture.  She will show you why she enjoys genital torture for the extraordinary range of physical sensations possible, from the seductively gentle to the searingly painful to the explosively pleasurable. She will show the psychological range of genitorture, from terror play, to intense edge play, to strict control, to transgressive gender modification.  It can be about S/M, about D/s, or strictly about fetish.

Mistress Tatiana will share with you techniques and step-by-step methods for some of the various kinds of genitorture she enjoys.  She will cover important safety aspects, genital anatomy and physiology for cis and trans folks, head games, and some of her favorite hot bondage tricks for the bits.

And yes, you can look forward to her signature informative, entertaining demos!

As always, Exiles classes are open to people who self-identify as other than male, and this one is for those of us who appreciate the genitals of cis and trans women and of non-binary folks. It is appropriate for those who play with Pussy Torture regularly, those who have never tried it but are intrigued, and those in between!”n!


About our presenter:

Mistress Tatiana Belodyne is a lifestyle dominant with more than a dozen years of experience as a professional Domme (www.MssTatiana.com). She teaches as a member of a self-defense collective of trans folks and cis women, as an American Red Cross CPR/First Aid Instructor, and as a firearms instructor. She is a popular educator, presenting locally and across the country on subjects as diverse as Bondage, Infantilism, Anatomy for BDSM, and Strap-on Play. She is renowned both for her accessible, entertaining style in presenting technically accurate, safety-conscious material and for her hot demos.  Mistress Tatiana owns a private studio of domination in the San Francisco Bay Area, only in part to justify, and to house the results of, her compulsive collecting of impact toys, bondage gear, pretty rope and webbing, and equipment for related perversions.  Her last class for The Exiles was on dildo and butt plug harnesses. For more information, email MssTatiana@gmail.com


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