Friday August 16, 2019    
7:30 pm - 10:30 pm


Mission Control
721 5th Street, Oakland, CA, 94607

Event Type

Come learn how to safely and sexily have fun with Flogging! In this hands-on instructional class, you will learn technique, safety, and how to incorporate flogging in your scenes. After demonstrations, a team of instructors will work with each attendee individually on form and style. If you have a Flogger, please bring it with you.  Loaner floggers will be available as well. Instructors will provide tips that will ensure you hit your target. Learn how to adapt to different body abilities, and to be able to throw a flogger with out ruining your body.

This month only – The Exiles comes to the East Bay! You’ve asked for it,  we’re giving it to you, for our members across the bridge… we’re meeting in the East Bay at Mission Control at 721 5th Street in Oakland. The space is accessible, with non-wheelchair accessible restrooms.  Street parking only.


About our Presenter

Marilyn has been active in the San Francisco Leather/BDSM community since 1986. She is a sadist, a bitch, a mistress, and a control freak with an intense blood lust and a special affection for slut masochists. Marilyn was a member of the Outcasts and a charter member of the Exiles, and has spent many years as an Exiles officer. She has been involved in the Ms. SF Leather contest as a TallyMistress for several years, as well as a contestant.  She was the winner of the 2016 Jim Reimer Community Volunteer Award, given by the Bay Area Leather Alliance, She has presented at International Ms. Leather, Southeast Leatherfest, Southwest Leather Celebration, Sin in the City, Leather Leadership Conference, Northwest Leather Celebration, Dark Odyssey: Surrender, Ladyfest, Black Rose, San Francisco State, Leather Traditions, Venus’ Playground, Leather Levi Weekend, SF Citadel, Butch Voices, The Group In Fresno, and the Exiles. She is thrilled to be a member of Mama’s Family, as “Mama’s Fierce Femme”. She is happily polyamorous with a slave, a special boi, and other play partners who help enrich her life.