Friday July 19, 2019    
7:30 pm - 10:30 pm


1060 Folsom, San Francisco

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Whether you are brand new or have been around the BDSM scene for a while, you’ll find something to entice you at our annual Novice Night.

During Pride celebrations throughout June and especially on the day of the parade, when we host a booth in Leather Alley, we meet lots of wonderful people, including newcomers to the world of kink. So we invite them to come learn more about the Exiles and our lifestyles at this special event.

We start with a panel of women and non-binary individuals with varying amounts of experience in the kink community, from newcomers to long-timers, who share their stories and experiences with us.

Then we encourage everyone to peruse a variety of stations that provide opportunities to experience both the top and bottom sides of various BDSM activities. This year we’ll have: single tails, piercing, flogging, bootblacking, rope, wax play, electricity , caning, and more!

And this year, if you visit a certain number of stations, we’ll give you prizes, like blindfolds, collar, and toys!