Friday January 15, 2021    
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


n/a, virtual

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As many of you know, the International Ms Leather & International Ms Bootblack Contest Event Weekend has moved into the 5th Generation headed by Mademoiselle Ceci Cloutier and her team of hard working and fun loving Leather magic makers! A lot of changes are on the horizon and we want to add your voices to the mix. Join us as Madenoiselle Ceci shares a glimpse into her visions and opens the floor for you to add your suggestions into the mix. IMsLBB is a Community event and cannot thrive without your voices so come and be heard!
Our Presenter
A recent transplant from Canada, Mademoiselle Ceci is a Sadistic Afro-Indigenous Dominant Alpha Femme chasing life, philosophy and adventure. She has been on various portions of her Leather journey for the past 13 years, doing so more publicly since she began coming to the US in 2008. Education, history, hedonism and serving her various communities are her passions. When not caring for, and indulging in, her Family, Ceci spends her time serving as a griot at the Carter-Johnson Library and Collection, as Vice President of POCKLE, as President of the Seattle/PNW chapter of the Onyx Pearls and as Owner and Executive Producer of IMsLBB. In her professional life, Ceci serves as a D/s and poly relationship coach as well as a crisis counselor.
A playful Sadist at heart, Mademoiselle Ceci revels in the pain of others while maintaining a wicked giggle and an evil grin. A matriarch by nature, Ceci takes great pride in loving and caring for those in her charge as co Head-of-Household with Sir Damien at the Maison de Meson. Together, and individually, the Mesons teach a repertoire of 35 classes on all things Leather, kink and relationship related. Mademoiselle Ceci was given the name, Everlasting Pearl, by Mama Vi and is proud to be a Charter Member of the Mid-Atlantic Onyx Pearls and a Founding & Charter Member of the Seattle/PNW Onyx Pearls.
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