Friday December 18, 2020    
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


n/a, virtual

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As we continue our socially distant mingling, let’s gather this month on Discord to meet more community members, build connections, cruize, and bid farewell to 2020!
Join The Exiles for a debauchery filled night with theme breakout rooms:
– Sharp Things,
– Electricity,
– Bondage,
– and Impact!
Each room will have an Exiles host to guide discussions around our love for these kinks, encouraging collaboration of new play ideas and the sharing of beautifully perverted memories. There will also be a Cruise room open for full-on flirting, hanging out, and dancing!
?? Introducing… the Flirt Code! ??
Want to come, cruise, and flirt in all the rooms? Then flag your openness to cruise by restructuring your screen name to include [ * ] for flirt availability! Take it a step further and flag your top, bottom, or switch status by including [ ^ ] for top, [ v ] for bottom, and [ ~ ] for switch. As always, please include your (scene) name and pronouns.
Flirt Code Examples:
^* Dame Susie (she/her), a top open to flirting
v girl Jess (they/them), a bottom not interested in flirting
~*** Max (she/they), a switch with an enthusiastic thirst to flirt
?? And re-introducing… Missed Connections ??
Too shy to flirt in real-time? Did someone sign off before you could make your big move? Or perhaps you have a stronger haiku game. No worries! The Exiles is bringing back the classic forum of Missed Connections in a text-based Discord room. This room will open towards the end of our deviant social and remain open for at least one week after.
?? More Info ??
Please visit our website for the Discord link. We recommend joining the room prior to the event.
The event begins at 7pm PT. Feel free to join in whenever you’d like!
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