Elections and Talents, reading, singing, demonstrations, comedy, examples..
Presented by The Exiles
Friday Mar 15, 2013 – doors open at 7:30pm

Have you something you’ve wanted to try out in front of an audience? Do you want to be heard or seen?

The March Exiles program is election time. Elections happpen, new officers step up and we are normally left with a good hour to an hour and a half to fill. You made the effort to show up, now we will give you the chance to fill the air. Read a speech you are working on giving, give a snippet of a workshop you want to develop, show us your new juggling skills, read us a poem or short story, or just come out and socialize!

Slots are available from 5- 20 minutes depending on the number of people we have interested. If you would like to participate please email lou@theexiles.org as soon as possible. I will need the length of your reading, or presentation, skit or gig. How many people will be involved? Any special items you’ll need, within reason. A title of the thing you’ll be doing, and your title and name.

I am looking forward to some fun, touching and whacky pieces!

Presenter Bio(s)

Check back for more info

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