As of October 7th, the current co-coordinator position – which runs til March 2019 – has been vacant… But vacant no longer! We are excited to announce that Keao Lani has been appointed as Co-Coordinator!

This brickhouse of a bashful mutt dove into the BDSM scene in 2013. Becoming devoted to volunteering, Kea quickly discovering an affinity for being of service to community. They then was patched into The Exiles in 2016 and shortly after was mentored into the Public Relations and Outreach officer position. In 2018, Kea was honored to be recognized by The SF Leather Alliance with “The Next Generation” Award. Kea has served as The Exiles’ PR and Outreach Officer and Doorkeeper since 2017 and is currently on the PR and Social Media team of Ms. SF Leather and IMsLBB. 
Kea will be working alongside Ms. Cat to implement a wider outreach with focus on folks who are hugely underrepresented in our community, creating club visibility and networking opportunities, enthusiastically continuing growth of our  membership, inviting newbies and alumni alike to a lineage of radical leatherwomen and leatherdykes that ARE The Exiles!