Presented by Ms Cynthia
Friday Sep 21, 2012 – doors open at 7:30pm
at the Women’s Bldg (map below)

Oh yes, that dark, delicious other orifice is indeed what we are talking about. Many taboos have been associated with anal play and many of us have had less than desirable experiences in trying it. RELAX. Unclench your ass, open wide and follow me down the road to anal ecstasy. I will discuss anatomy, toys, tools, sanitation, safety, and health considerations, but the most important information will be focused on having a wonderful, sexy relationship with your own or someone else’s ass.

Presenter Bio(s)

Ms Cynthia is a past Chairman of the Leather Leadership Conference Board, an Emeritus Coordinator with Threshold in Los Angeles, and has received several Community Service Awards for her work within the BDSM/Leather Community.

She has presented Workshops on a national level at over 50 events or clubs, including Black Rose, Dark Odyssey, Beat Me In St Louis, Desire, The Eulenspiegel Society, IMsL, Kinky Kollege, Lesbian Sex Mafia, LeatherFest, and Thunder in the Mountains, during the past 20 years, covering over 60 different topics.

Her studio practice, CM HURT, in Orange County, Ca, includes piercing, branding, scarification, tattooing, beading and permanent cosmetics. She can often be found there decorating bodies.

Ms Cynthia has appeared on TV , in magazines, and on the web, as well as authored several published short stories and articles and been a consultant for films depicting BDSM. Her annual CM HURT Workshop Series which teaches hands-on BDSM related skills is now in its 12th year in Orange County.

She is a sadistic Dominatrix, with a fabulous little Dungeon where she keeps all of her lovely little pets as well as her partner, Dimitri. When not doing all of the above, she travel extensively for fun and she bakes cookies with her 5 grandchildren.

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